News and Events

  • Dec 5:        GTC Seminar:  Next Generation Sequencing at VUMC, presentaed by Barbara Schneider PhD, Michelle Southard-Smith Phd, and Antonis Rokas PhD.
  • Dec 12:      PGRN Research in Progress Seminar:  Brian Van Ness presenting, affiliate member sponsored by PPII
  • Apr 15-17: PGRN Scientific/Steering Committee-ESP Meeting with 1 day Analysis Workshop, PPII hosts at Mayo, Rochester, MN
  • Aug 27-28: Leducq Alliance Against SCD Scientific Workshop, Munich
  • Oct 8:         CHGR 10th Annual Genetics Symposium, VU SLC Ballroom C
  • Oct 13-15: PGRN Scientific/Steering Committee Meeting, PHAT hosts, Boston