Alliance Against Sudden Cardiac Death

Alliance Against Sudden Cardiac Death, a network of 7 European and US sites established to foster collaborations between American and European investigators with the goal of combating the emerging epidemic of sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Despite impressive advances in primary therapy for myocardial infarction and overall improvements in mortality, SCD remains a problem of major public health proportions. The goal of the Network is to develop new means to identify individuals at high-risk for SCD, with the ultimate aim of devising new preventive therapies.

The Alliance will work toward these goals by pooling expertise and resources in participating centers. One major goal is expansion of large cohorts of patients - being collected at Network sites on both sides of the Atlantic - with a spectrum of defined SCD risk, followed by genome-based analyses risk. A second key goal is to understand the mechanisms whereby established and new markers influence SCD risk. The Network includes an emphasis on exchange of information and personnel.

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